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Greenhouse Classification
Recreational Greenhouse
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    Recreational Greenhouse

1)  Green Eco-type Restaurant

2)  Solar Chamber

3) Sight ?seeing Garden

4)  Physical Therapy Garden


  Green Eco-type Restaurant (NEW)

?Multi-span greenhouse with artifical sights

?good light transmission

?Stable humidity and temperature in any season

?Natural space-division

Based on advanced greenhouse engineering technology,combined with landscaping technology,biology technology, Ecotype Restaurant construct embodies talent-oriented and special sculpt and fine light transmission, which keeps the stable humidity and temperature and makes the evergreen natural environment. So it makes people feels naturalness and comfortable, softly , happy and high-spirit.

  Solar Chamber

Built as conference center, gymnasium, hobby room, coffee house or the groggery, solar Chamber provides a comgortable and quiet place in the nosiy and intense city. The solar chamber covered by glass curtain wall expands the angle of view greatly.Coupled with the cunning layout of the vegetation, river, spring and flowers, the indoor space presents to be full of vital and vigorous.

Sight-seeing Garden

Sight-seeing garden is mainly used for exhibition, sightseeing, science popularity to attract tourism and studies. It has outstanding appearance and diversified internal designs. Internal environment can be designed according to different functions.

Physical Therapy Garden (NEW)

Physical thearpy garden is designed especially for medical treatment organizations, based on patients’ needsWith plants and landscape layout growing inside and new design facilities, this new greenhouse provides patients with a new enviroment of getting recovered, releasing the mental pressure.

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