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Greenhouse Classification
Research Greenhouse
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   Research Greenhouse

1)  Quarantine Greenhouse 

2)  Biological Lab Greenhouse

3)  Educated Demonstration Greenhouse or Regular Scientific Research Greenhouse

4)  Artificial Growing Chamber


  Quarantine Greenhouse (NEW)

Quarantine greenhouse, a kind of research greenhouse with advanced technology, mainly used for imported/ecported plants quarantine and experiment, for the growing and study of severe-environment-required plants,also for the research and development of netic gene of plants. With international top technology, quarantine greenhouse is the core patented product of our company.


  Biological Lab Greenhouse

Bilolgical lab greenhouse have two main functions. For on thing, it makes safety insurance for working staff when they deal with experimental objectives, which carry ill-causing mircroorganism and virus. For another, it reduces and eliminates the negative effect on experimental objectives according to the pertinent grading standard.


  Educated Demonstration Greenhouse or Regular Scientific Research Greenhouse

This kind of greenhouse is usually utilized by scientific institues, and academies etc. in the field of agriculture, forestry, pharmacy, chemistry, bioloby and quarantine. The greenhouse is relatively smaller which asks high condition on climate environment, such as the accurate given temperature, humidity, light, ventilation, concentration of co2, and autonation of the greenhouse.


  Artificial Growing Chamber

The artificial climate greenhouse is widely used in envionmental experiment and scientific research. It can simulate the natural weather conditions-temperature, humidity, illumination, CO2 as the experiments ask.

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