How To Get More Sunlight For Plants In Glass Greenhouse
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How To Get More Sunlight For Plants In Glass Greenhouse
More and more new high-level greenhouses set up in North West of China where is considered as dry and cold high land climate area normally. Nobody can imagine that the fresh vegetables and flowers are produced from high-level glass greenhouses during winter time even it’s so cold. Kingpeng just established one high-level glass greenhouse in Linxia State, GanSu Province, North West of China. The first phase just covers 30000m2 but it’s equipped with high-level materials and systems to get more light from the sunshine.

The greenhouse roof covered with scatter diffuse glass. The sun light will become soft and it can reach the middle and bottom of the plants. There’ll be less grey mold if there’s more light for the crops. The light transmittance can reach 91.5% by this kind of glass while it’s just 87% for the normal float glass. Kingpeng’s technical teams also develop new connecting gutter model which shrinks the section as much as possible to let more light coming into the greenhouse.

The dust storm always happens during spring in North West of China. It will cause serious affection for the glass’s light transmittance. The roof washer for the glass will clean the dust automatically. The machine can also spray the painting and glass cleaner.  washer machine

Kingpeng has strong technic background team engaging in complete solution using information collection, engineering technology, automatic control technology according to customers’ different climate condition and business plan.