Innovation Greenhouse Model To Fighting Poverty In China
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Poverty is a challenge facing all countries and the international community as a whole. To promote development, eliminate poverty and achieve common prosperity is an ideal that humanity constantly pursues. China has a large poverty-stricken population in the rural areas, rendering the mission to reduce poverty particularly difficult. For this reason, China' s poverty reduction program is to a large extent, nothing but solving the poverty problem in the rural areas.

China government invested much money to build kinds of greenhouses in the rural area. It contains high level glass greenhouse, middle level plastic film greenhouse and tunnel house. But how do these greenhouses work to help the local resident to benefit from the greenhouse and get out of poverty is a hot thesis for China government.

The greenhouse can be used to grow kinds of crops such as fruit vegetables, leaf vegetables, flowers and green plants. The local association will organize these farmers who hold the greenhouses to cooperate with agriculture corporations. The greenhouse production will be sold to the related corporation and then distributed to other cities in China. This is the basic way to get profit from greenhouse.

The Second is to develop rural tourism industry with greenhouse projects. Some greenhouse projects locate around the cities which owns bigger population with higher income. These tourists can visit the greenhouses with beautiful landscape and kinds of crops. These greenhouses are always named agriculture park. The tourist needs to buy the entrance ticket and they can also pick-up the fruits inside greenhouse with higher price than market. The income is always higher during Chinese national vacation holidays. Agricultural Carnival has been popular business model especially around big cities in China.

Some powerful corporations also invest much money to build greenhouse which mainly show the newest agriculture technology and adopts landscape to absorb visitors. But they will show and promote their distinctive goods. The visitors would will also spend money on foods in the restaurants and shops around the greenhouses. It’s called twice-consuming model which brings high profit and more job opportunities for the local farmers. This model is very welcomed by the government and big corporation. Greenhouse project needs high investment and it always takes longer time to get return in China. The greenhouse is playing an important role to fight the poverty now. Kingpeng has been also doing the study to reach this goal.

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