1 Ha Roof Top Greenhouse Come into Service
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Recently, the 1 Ha roof top greenhouse for research was put into use in Qingdao, China. This is the largest roof Top Glass greenhouse in North China. It is used for research and experiments of herbicide.

“It is beyond our expectation, either the technology, design or the completion time. We are growing different varieties of weeds in more than 20 function rooms of the greenhouse, and then the weeds will be used to test our herbicide. We will benefit more from this high-tech greenhouse.” Said the researchers from KingAgroot Innovation Center.

The Innovation Center belongs to KingAgroot Corporation. KingAgroot’s innovation team has successfully developed 4 HPPD inhibitors: Cypyrafluone, Bipyrazone, Tripyrasulfone and Fenpyrazone. So far, KingAgroot has filed 159 Chinese invention patent applications and 98 international invention patent applications under PCT that entered 329 countries (regions)-times and granted in 82 countries (regions)-times.”

Compared among several tenderers from both domestic and abroad countries, KINGPENG Greenhouse was selected as the designer and builder of this roof top greenhouse, attributing to its reputation and experience in the greenhouse industry. Besides this project, KINGPENG has also completed some other roof-top greenhouses in China mainland, Taiwan (China), Bangladesh, and some other countries, all of which have collected experience and technologies to guarantee the success of this one.