Kingpeng Annual Meeting 2021
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On February 3rd, Beijing Kingpeng company held a work summary meeting 2021. The meeting was held by online and offline way both. About half of the company's employees attend meetings at headquarters, other staffs, which still work on construction site or in other cities, Attend meetings via online video.


General Manager Gu Benjia made meeting report. The report was divided into three parts:

1. Summary of Kingpeng Work in 2020

2. Existing problems, situation and opportunities

3. Working plan in 2021


2020 is a very special and difficult year, but the Kingpeng staffs have overcome all kinds of difficulties and hit new sales contracts record.


Outstanding team and outstanding staffs of the year 2020 were honored at the meeting:


1 Top ten employees

2 Best department

3 Good new guys

4 Golden salesmen