Ventilation Ways Of Greenhouse
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Greenhouse ventilation is to make air exchange between indoor & outdoor which is to make cooling for the greenhouse. A suitable ventilation solution is an important link to get a proper indoor climate. There are many ways of ventilation in different kinds of greenhouses. Here we would like to make a conclusion for different greenhouse ventilation windows:

Position of Ventilation Window:

Roof window is the most important position for greenhouse cooling. As hot air rising and go out of greenhouse from roof window.

Side wall window is generally can be seen in film greenhouse. When there is limited way of force cooling or limited ability of indoor air circulation, open side window can enhance air flow and help with cooling effect.

Side window can also be seen out side of wet-pad, for protect / help air flow of wet-pad.

Type of Drive

There are two main types to drive greenhouse window: gear-rack system and by reel.


Reel type is specially using in film greenhouse.

Both roof window and side window can use roller window. The advance of roller window is low cost, easy installation, and easy operation. Manual and automatic controls are available on roller window. So, it can also connect with control system to make it automatic controlled.

Gear-rack drive system is more stable and more efficient compare to reel window. It is always suggested to use on bigger sized greenhouse. According to different motors, it can open window in different position to get different rate of ventilation for greenhouse. This makes more accurate on greenhouse climate control.

Fixed Window

In some greenhouses, a fixed window can be used, because of high humidity or high temperature, or sometimes when the greenhouse must be closed. For example, mushroom greenhouse.

This kind of ventilation way can use roof fans (force ventilation) or un-powered fans on roof, or install an open window structure on roof.

For a conclusion, choose a suitable window type for your greenhouse, you will need to check in detail of your greenhouse size and have a basic idea of how would you like to control the greenhouse.

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