Greenhouse Supply in China Is Same As Usual
Source: | Author:kingpeng | Published time: 2022-05-06 | 14 Views | Share:

From Early March, new COVID cases were found in Shanghai, and most communities took actions to prevent people from infection, for example, times of COVID test for all citizens, lockdown, and work from home, etc.


Because of the COVID cases quantity are going up, many factories in Shanghai paused their work. There are a lot of greenhouse materials suppliers in Shanghai, for example PC sheet, irrigation pipes, and shade screen, etc. 

For about 4 weeks, it was hard to transport such materials out from Shanghai, but this situation was getting better from end of April. The supply is normal now. 


Some people are also worried about Beijing COVID situation. It is true that there are about 30 new cases everyday for the past 10 days in Beijing, but majority of the people are living and working as usual. People in Beijing did COVID tests almost everyday in the past week. 


"Our staff and workers keep themselves in project sites and try the best to avoid direct contact with outside. We are confident to guarantee the completion of our projects." said Mr. Zhi, the project team manager from KINGPENG.

We want to tell all our clients: our supply of greenhouse is not delayed or influenced much by the COVID problem. And we will not replace our high-quality products with low-qualities ones. Kingpeng will always keep quality and reputation in the first place.

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