Beijing 11 Years Old 4Ha Greenhouses Upgrade
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In Beijing, an old greenhouse farm built in 2011 is upgrading its greenhouses. There are PC greenhouses and passive solar energy greenhouses, with a total area about 4 Hectares. 


KINGPENG is invited to do this upgrading work, and it was also KINGPENG who designed and built them in 2011. 


KINGPENG will replace all cooling pads, the 3 layers of shade screens, and roof PC, although they were carefully used and maintained in the past 11 years.


"Look at the shade screen, they are still in very good condition, very strong with no break, the quality is pretty good. The reason we have to replace them is the dust."explained Mr. Yu Guangfa, the site manager of KINGPENG, he said:"in recent years, the air pollution is controlled very well, and our new greenhouses built do have have this problem, but these old greenhouses did face a hard time because of the pollution and sand storm in the past time in Beijing."


"Now the cooling pad are all replaced with new ones, hopefully we can use them for another 11 years more." Said Mr. Guan, the farm engineer, "The PC greenhouses are used as indoor hydroponics research and nursery. And the passive solar energy greenhouses are used to produce vegetables and fruits. There are about 58 kinds of vegetables grown inside. "The vegetables are mostly used for Membership consumption, because more and more people in the city tend to healthy food. The demand now exceeds the supply"

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