2.3Ha Solar Greenhouse Update in Beijing
Source: | Author:kingpeng | Published time: 2022-06-28 | 46 Views | Share:

In Beijing, an old greenhouse farm built by Kingpeng in 2011 is upgrading. There are thirty-three passive solar energy greenhouses need to update its covering,each solar greenhouse with 600 square meter,and total 2.3Ha. 


"KINGPENG was invited to do this upgrading work. KINGPENG will replace all covering of solar greenhouse",said Mr.Wang the PM of this project, and naturally in the past 11 years we although keep in touch with end user for the using.


"Now these solar greenhouses are fully growed different vegetable,and will have a big harvest in nearly.We can not effect the plant growing when updating these greenhouses,this is the basis principle"said Mr.Yuguangfa, the on-site Supervisor of Kingpeng.