Kingpeng Upgrade Its Research Center
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KINGPENG is upgrading its greenhouse research center, which is also named KINGPENG Greenhouse Research Base. 

Kingpeng Greenhouse Research Base is located in Tongzhou District, Beijing, China and it has more than 2.2 hectares land with various modern agriculture facilities including IOT greenhouse, one of China's first plant factory, plastic film greenhouse, F-Clean film greenhouse, Passive solar Greenhouse, Solar panel greenhouse, container plant factory etc..



With this very early plant factory and greenhouse base, KINGPENG tested a lot of new technologies, such as solar energy, hydroponics, DFT, NFT, vertical farming, container plant factory, harvest robot, transportation robots, etc. Most of these technologies and equipment are pilot and patent of KINGPENG in China.


In this research base, KINGPENG worked with European and Japanese professional cultivation technology companies such as GreenQ, now called Delphy from Dutch to train KINGPENG team in hydroponics, which is very early steps of try in China. And in these years, KINGPENG trained and supplied a lot of horticulture experts and specialists. Many of these specialists are very famous in China modern hydroponics field, and they are in charge of a lot of greenhouse projects operation in China, such as Mr. Xitong Yang, Mr. Shushan Li, Mr. Li Li, Mr. Xuhui, Song, and Mr. Mingxu, etc.



The IOT greenhouse in this research base is about 2500 square meter and use Venlo type design. The roof of the greenhouse is covered by single layer tempered glass (Diffusing and non-diffusing) and four sides of the greenhouse are covered by double layer hollow glass with rack and pinion motorized window.


"Now KINGPENG and Beijing Agricultural Machinery Insitute together are upgrading this research base, and we will make better use of these facilities in the base to help the improvement and development of the agriculture and horticulture industry both domestic and overseas." Said Mr. Zhang, Chairman of Beijing Agricultural Machinery, and former Deputy Chairman of KINGPENG.

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