Jing&Wa Agriculture Technical Innovation Center Construction in Beijing
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Jing&Wa Agriculture Technical Innovation Center is located in Pinggu District, Beijing. It is a non-business organization established together by China Agriculture University, SUNLON Group, New Hope Group and JD Group. The center has an area of 32 hectares for cow breeding, greenhouse horticulture, and fruit farming research and demonstration.

Beijing KINGPENG Group is the EPC contractor of this project for both husbandry and greenhouse project.


The greenhouse project includes Semi-closed greenhouse, new passive solar greenhouse, high tunnel, packing room, control room, etc.




"The greenhouse project started from July 15th. Right now, there are 49 workers for the greenhouse project, and it is planned to be completed on early January, 2023." Said, Mr. Yongcheng Xie, the project manager, a very experienced on-site engineer working his 20th year in KINGPENG.

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