After The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Big Harvest Will Be Coming in Bahrain!
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In Middle OCT.2022 our customer in Bahrain have transplanted his plants into a multi-span film greenhouse which designed by Kingpeng.

This 2 hectares greenhouse is the second-phase expansion for the first 1 hectare Aquaponics greenhouse as the first mature commercial aquaponics greenhouse project in GCC region. Meanwhile, the entire greenhouse make full of the space to equip ground gutter growing system, dutch bucket system, DFT hydroponics system and EBB&FLOW nursery system etc.

The harvest time will be coming after the FIFA World Cup 2022 holding in Middle East-The State of Qatar.

This farm has played a very important role in the local food and vegetable supply shortage during the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 to 2022. This customer is supported by Royal Family and Government of Bahrain, it will support the local safe vegetable and food supply chain to run better and better and Kingpeng will keep providing best products and services for them.