Brief Introduction Of KINGPENG Container Plant Factory
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Container plant consists of container housing, cultivation system and environmental control system. The cultivation planting system adopts aluminum alloy cultivation layer frame which is easy to be removed. The outer box and planting board are made of PVC foam board, which is fixed on the cultivation layer frame by the internal fasteners for convenient disassembly and beautiful visual appearance. 


LED plant light strips are arranged above each layer of cultivation space, and cultivation troughs are arranged below. The cultivation groove is pipeline type, adopting the upper and lower split cultivation groove, and each layer is independently divided into a number of cultivation groove. The cultivation troughs are covered with cultivation plates and have cultivation holes.


Liquid supply system is divided into nutrient liquid circulation system and automatic fertilizer distribution system. Nutrient liquid circulation system is mainly composed of nutrient liquid storage tank, circulating pump, nutrient liquid supply pipeline, nutrient liquid return pipeline and other devices. 

Light quality can affect plant biosynthesis, and the change of light formula can affect the content of vegetable chemical composition. In order to meet the full application of planting space, plant lighting equipment should choose the type of strip lights with good waterproof performance, convenient installation and small space occupation. LED lights can provide monochromatic light of different wavelengths according to the characteristic spectrum of plant growth demand and photosynthetic reaction absorption. 


The environmental control system of container plant factory mainly uses air conditioner and exhaust fan to control the temperature and humidity. Fans and exhaust fans promote internal air circulation, ventilation and heat dissipation. CO2 device can adjust indoor gas change.

The intelligent control system is connected by the sensor of each control parameter and each kind of intelligent equipment, takes the computer system as the core, realizes the data monitoring collection, the information feedback and the work order control execution. It is mainly used for the regulation of environment in plant factory, including real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity, regulation temperature and humidity according to the target temperature, realization layered circulation of nutrient solution and regular liquid supply, etc.