The Hydroponics Strawberry Greenhouse Is Completing in UAE
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A new strawberry Greenhouse is now under construction in Sharjah, UAE and completing soon in month. It will be a good showcase project for strawberry production in Desert Climate.

Hydroiponics Strawberry


This 5000sqm greenhouse is the first-phase for a pilot growing of 4 different varieties of strawberry and will expand soon to more than 2 hecatres after the first harvest.


Base on the requirements of the final user, Kingpeng designed this best cost effective greenhouse for them and provide high-level auto climate control system for this greenhouse. Meanwhile, we use intelligent hydroponics technology for the best energy and resources use rate which is the most critical for better profit.

hydroponics strawberry


This greenhouse use 100% automatic control system for the climate and fertigation inside the greenhouse and it will show the power of hydroponics in strawberry growing area. Meanwhile, Kingpeng will give the customer growing training service in the near future. Now the fertigation system and computer system are under fast installation and commissioning.


We hope this greenhouse will bring new age for the desert indoor agriculture and this is also what Kingpeng focuses. We believe he will have bigger and bigger market together with Kingpeng Greenhouse.


Kingpeng is the top greenhouse supplier in China and we provide one-stop service from Design, Manufacturer, Construction to Horticulture Service.


Kingpeng has exported our greenhouse to more than 50 countries all over the world and will keep providing high-quanlity products for all customers.


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