Update For 22Ha Glass Greenhouse in Inner Mongolia
Source: | Author:kingpeng | Published time: 2023-09-26 | 121 Views | Share:

On July 21 2023 we began the 22 Ha glass greenhouse's foundation construction. This project will be completed in the end year of 2023 according to our plan.

This is the second phase of the greenhouse of the user. This expansion will further increase the production capacity and allow for the cultivation of a wider variety of crops. The aim is to diversify the agricultural output in the region and reduce dependence on imported produce. The greenhouse will enable year-round cultivation of tomatoes and other crops, boosting local production and reducing reliance on imports. This project is a testament to the ingenuity and determination of the agricultural industry in Inner Mongolia, and it sets a precedent for future sustainable farming practices.

The focus of this greenhouse project in Chifeng is the cultivation of tomatoes. Tomatoes are a popular and highly demanded crop in the region, and the greenhouse provides an ideal environment for their growth. The controlled temperature, humidity, and lighting conditions within the greenhouse allow for optimal tomato production throughout the year. This means that tomatoes can be grown even during the harsh winter months when traditional outdoor farming is not feasible. With the installation complete, the next phase of the project will involve the planting of tomato seedlings and the implementation of advanced farming techniques to maximize yield and quality.