KINGPENG Reviewing 2023 & Looking Forward To 2024
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On February 3, 2024, Jingpeng held the annual company conference, summarizing the achievements of the past year and outlining the main work plans for 2024.




Our Chairman Mr. Gu made a report about company's situation and the greenhouse industry. At the same time, individuals and teams who have made outstanding contributions to the company over the past year will be recognized and commended.



Mr.Guan, the Secretary of Party Committee said"In 2024, it will be the beginning of Kingpeng's complete integration into the western suburbs, accelerating innovation and resource integration, leveraging its own advantages to contribute to the process of agricultural modernization."



"Struggle creates miracles, hard work achieves dreams. All Kingpeng's people are filled with enthusiasm, fearlessly moving forward, accumulating strength, and welcoming the brand new 2024!"sai Mr. Gu the GM of Kingpeng.