What We Can Do to Protect Our “National Vegetable Baskets Project” Against Flood and Rainfall

                                    What We Can Do to Protect Our “National Vegetable Baskets Project” Against Flood and Rainfall

The continuous heavy rainfall in the Yangtze River in South China has caused severe local agricultural disasters in southern China. According to data from the Department of Market and Information Technology of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the PRC, due to the heavy rains in the south and strong convective weather in the main summer vegetable production areas in the north, vegetable prices rose after three consecutive months of decline.

A total of 330 million CNY has been allocated for disaster relief in agricultural production to support the restoration of production in southern provinces after the disaster, repair agricultural facilities damaged by the flood, and develop high-quality facility agriculture.

One of the National Key Investment Projects designed and constructed by KINGPENG Group: Nanjing Agricultural Innovation Incubation and Exhibition Base, is a multi-span intelligent film greenhouse equipped with both inside and outside shading system, roof ventilation, cooling pad and climate control system. This is an important project to be used as a R&D base of vegetable, fruit, and other crops.

Mr. Frank Zhang, the onsite engineer said:” Since the flood influence, the onsite working condition is very hard with water on floor and temperature in daytime reaches 38 degrees, and the construction are affected a lot.” This is a common problem in the greenhouse projects in South and East China.

KINGPENG, as the leading greenhouse On-Stop Supplier in China, with its long history and experience in more than 60 countries, has made reasonable adjustments to the construction plan, and workers are stepping up to catch up with construction period, to add rain shelter and ventilation to help drying the land, etc. and strive to make the Agriculture Park delivered to use according to the original plan. Now the main frame structure will be done through their hard-work.

China government has shown its positive attitude and promoted the stable production of local crop and vegetable called “National Vegetable Baskets Project”, it is sure that the facility agriculture industry will be spring up like bamboo after rain. And the industry participants like KINGPENG will also be engaged and committed in this project to develop and improve the overall level of the industry and service.