A Modern Agriculture Demonstration Base in Guangdong, China

A modern agriculture demonstration base in Guangdong Province, China, designed and constructed by Kingpeng, covers an area of about 324.3 acres, with a building area of about 11.6 Ha and a total investment of about 460 million yuan, which is the largest modern facility agriculture project in mountains area of South China.

glass greenhouse

The project focuses on the "high quality and high efficiency of agriculture", and plans to build two semi-closed glass greenhouses, one film greenhouse, and accessory facilities, growing cherry tomatoes and strawberries. At the same time exploring growing foods such as rice and wheat, to create a new-generation facility agriculture project integrating the functions of cultivation, nursery and study base, and so on.


Currently the project is under construction, in order to speed up the construction progress, Kingpeng's team keep busy in the construction site when many people stay with families and enjoy holidays during Chinese Spring Festival.

During the project construction, tasks are assigned in detail, job responsibilities are clearly defined, and accountabilities are assigned to individuals. We reverse the construction schedule, plan and execute visually, organize scientifically, strengthen standards, raise requirements, and strictly implement measures. Our goal is to construct a model project in Guangdong, which is speedy, high-quality, and well-received, and to create a new speed in the history of Kingpeng!