Kingpeng's Quest for Sustainable Agriculture: A modern agricultural Project in Inner Mongolia

The modern agricultural project in an agricultural industrial park in Inner Mongolia, constructed by Kingpeng, has a total investment of 5 billion yuan and a planned total area of 3,088 mu (205.87 hectares). The project is divided into three construction phases, emphasizing modern facility agriculture and tomato cultivation technology. It encompasses a comprehensive range of upstream and downstream industrial chain facilities, including deep processing of agricultural products, the preparation and maintenance of agricultural facilities and equipment, logistics, research and development, as well as demonstration activities. Additionally, it integrates big data tracking and analysis, further augmented by agricultural exhibitions, cultural tourism, and health maintenance initiatives. The ultimate goal is to establish a systematic, internally recyclable, sustainable, and integrated modern agricultural industrial park that harmoniously merges the three primary industries.


As the project constructor, Kingpeng adheres to the principles of "action speak louder than words" during the construction process and focuses on establishing an operational framework that targets specific tasks, assigns projects, delineates responsibilities, and oversees performance evaluation. Kingpeng is committed to completing tasks with confidence and determination. It strives to expedite the commissioning and operational effectiveness of the project, and has earned the recognition of clients through professional services and exceptional strength.

The modern park, which relies on the innovative industrial structure of "agriculture + cultural tourism and health care complex," strives to deliver mutual benefits to enterprises and the community, fostering a win-win situation for all involved. Its objectives include significantly bolstering the competitiveness of the regional agricultural industry, driving agricultural transformation and modernization, elevating quality and efficiency standards, elevating farmers' incomes, and ultimately spearheading rural revitalization.


As people's demand for food safety, environmental protection, and sustainable development grows, modern agricultural industrial parks are attracting more attention and favor due to their green, ecological, and efficient attributes. Kingpeng, a domestically prominent and internationally renowned comprehensive service provider in facility agriculture, has consistently embraced technological innovation as the driver of its development. With unwavering perseverance, it has continuously broken new barriers and scaled new heights, creating an optimal growth environment for plants through intelligent solutions.